High-Quality Single Crystal Lab-Grown Diamond Manufacturers

SkyLab Diamonds deals in manufacturing high quality diamonds in an impressive variety of types and colors. Our diamond are crafted for fine jewelry and sliced & shaped perfectly for various industrial applications. Our brand is known for widest collection of type IIa diamonds.

We make use of advanced machinery in the manufacturing of diamond keeping the energy usage minimal to keep our planet safe from mining impact.

"Our success is highly attributed to our customer-centric approach, highest quality standards and sheer hard work of our team."



Loose cut and polished diamonds for the jewelry market and other industrial applications


Brilliant Round Cuts

Fancy Cuts

Specially Customized Cuts


Our diamonds comes in D to M colors and the quality ranges from VVS to I1


Cut and Polished Diamonds available in sizes from 0.30 carats to 5.00 carats


IGI [International Gemological Institute]

GCAL [Gem Certification & Assurance Lab]

GIA [Gemological Institute of America]


Looking For Finest Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Find your ideal diamond shape from our finest collection below:


To meet the needs of jewelry industry by manufacturing highest quality lab-grown diamonds in variety of shapes, colors, and sized.


To establish a flawless supply chain with our customers in order to meet all industry needs with our efforts to create high-quality rare diamonds.


To become leading providers of highest-quality lab grown diamonds for the fine jewelry industry and other industrial needs.


Certified & Non-Certified Loose Diamond

You Demand, We Deliver!

We are renowned diamond manufacturers who produce highest-quality diamonds tailored to meet each customer’s requirements. We believe in getting each of our diamond certified to ensure the quality of cut and polish of our lab-grown diamonds. However, we can also provide our customers with the loose uncertified diamonds based on their requests while ensuring the same quality standards. After all, our end goal is 100% customer satisfaction regardless of any certification.

Uniqueness Is Our Specialization Lab Grown Diamond New York

That’s Why We Produce Fancy Color Diamonds

We don’t follow trends. We create them. And our fancy colored diamonds are the proof. Our colored diamonds are meant to offer enhanced look and appeal than conventional diamonds. We, at Skylab Diamonds, offer fancy colored diamonds in different shapes and sized at a very affordable price. These diamonds are of the same quality as the regular lab-grown diamond but with the better look. Our creative soul and highest quality standards make us Surat’s leading diamond manufacturers and suppliers. We promise you exceed your expectations with the quality of our diamonds and give you all the rights to asses our diamonds to ensure the same.



  • GJEPC Certificate
  • GJEPC Certificate
  • GJEPC Certificate

Our Vision

We firmly lay our belief in the philosophy of attaining growth with sustainability. We believe in being equally valuable for employees and customers and therefore we create an environment where employees can work freely yielding highest productivity and creating the ultimate masterpieces for our customers. Our dedication to foster social growth gives us immense satisfaction and responsibility to create a world of opportunities as pure and beautiful like a perfectly cut diamond.

"We are small enough to know all our clients personally. Yet we are big enough to meet all their requirements."


Our Commitment To Offer Nothing But Best

Skylab Diamonds has been leading the diamond manufacturing industry for last 15 years and have managed to become the most trusted and reliable brand. We are renowned for delivering the excellence through our lab-grown diamonds which are perfectly tailored according to customer’s requirements. We strive for the quality, creativity, and complete customer satisfaction above all.

We combine technical innovations and dexterous craftsmanship to produce finely cut diamonds in variety of shapes including Round brilliant, Princess, Cushion Modified, Pear, Hearts, and Marquise. In short, we have diamonds to cater all individual requirements and personal tastes. We also specialize in crafting special cut diamonds with as much as 105 facets – the Gabrielle Diamond being one of them.


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