10 Reasons to Buy Lab Grown Diamonds for Your Special Occasions

Lab Grown Diamonds

10 Reasons to Buy Lab Grown Diamonds for Your Special Occasions

Lab-grown diamonds are precious and rare!  Dazzling diamond jewelry never fails to turn the heads around!

When it comes to buying gemstones for special events such as engagements and weddings, many people blindly choose them because of their ethereal charm.  Laboratories create them systematically following a similar grading process as the natural diamonds but with no damages.

As lab-grown diamonds are unique, they can be an excellent buy for special occasions, be it for wearing or gifting your loved ones.  Read on this blog post to learn why you should buy them. 

Here are the key reasons to buy lab grown diamonds for momentous events:

1. Top-Notch Quality

Lab-grown diamonds are natural with high-quality 4Cs(Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat).

The cut is the quality of the techniques to carve and polish a diamond in its original form. It’s mainly what the interior looks like and the ways it mixes with light.

The color of a diamond reflects its purity. Perfect or chemically pure lab grown diamonds are colorless or white(sometimes called). In contrast, colored diamonds are graded entirely differently.

Clarity refers to the non-appearance of blemishes and inclusions in a diamond that naked eyes or a microscope can see. Both lab-grown and natural diamonds are of the same standards-based on clarity.

Carat weight measures how much a diamond weighs. One carat equals 1/5th of a gram(i.e.,0.20g). If a diamond is perfectly cut, the carat weight reflects its size.

Would you not love to show off your high status by putting on or gifting authentic and mesmerizing jewelry? Pick diamonds over other gemstones!

2. Unique Features

Lab grown diamonds are not artificial and have unique chemical and physical features. They are formed to emulate the charm of diamonds with no carbon attributes. As the creation process is customized, your diamond will be different from others.

Thus, your diamond would be as distinctive as per your preferences. You can decide which diamond to use that sets your jewelry apart from others.

3. Customized Designs

As diamonds are a significant investment, you should go for a design that reflects your identity. Customization makes it possible for you! For instance, if you love colors, ask the designers to use pink, orange, smoke, and black diamonds in your jewelry.

The skilled jewelers and designers would listen to your wishes and bring them into reality. They implement their expertise in a custom environment to create something that defines your style, be it necklace, ring, or earrings.

Customization helps you to design diamond jewelry that no one has ever seen before! Do you want to gift diamond jewelry to someone? Ask them the kind of designs they adore and surprise them on their special day!

4. Environment-friendly

Diamond mining harms the environment. The mining of approximately 1-carat diamond deteriorates approx 100sq ft of land.

Unlike natural diamonds,lab-grown diamonds are created in a laboratory. The process in which the latter is created does not damage the environment. If you want to invest in an environment-friendly gemstone for a special event, you should spend on lab-grown diamonds.

5. Cost-Effective

Lab-grown diamonds are futuristic yet cost-effective! Laboratories use cutting-edge technologies to create the finest diamond at an affordable price. If you buy them rather than natural diamonds, you can save approximately 30%.

If you shop for colored diamonds, you can save more than 30%. Clear or transparent diamonds are rarely available. So, they are very costly. Look at your best on all occasions by spending a reasonable amount. 

6. Color

You get lab-grown diamonds in various colors. Laboratories add trace constituents during the diamond creation process to produce several colors. For instance, boron is added to generate a purple tone, while nitrogen for an orange hue. The ratio of trace components to the carbon in the lab-grown diamond affects the final shade’s intensity and depth.

Natural colored diamonds are found 10,000 times less than white or transparent diamonds. The former constitute less than 1% of the marketplace. So, their notable depth and shades are apt to be used by wealthy people. Laboratories can create colored diamonds for a fraction of the price of natural diamonds to meet your demand.

As celebrations are all about colors and enjoyment, a colorful diamond ornament can be the perfect addition to an event!

7. Antique

Diamonds are antique yet modern! It never loses its charm no matter how old it gets and stays with you forever. The investment pays off in the long-term. A diamond adds value to any treasured moment of your life, regardless of the reasons behind the celebration.

With diamonds, you create a legacy during remarkable occasions. When you gift or accept the lovely gemstone from others, it conveys a beyond-price bond. The color of lab-grown diamonds never changes as they age. They also do not fade over time that makes them worth the investment.

8. Suited for All Occasions

Most people buy diamonds only for engagements and weddings. But you should buy them for other occasions as they add life to any moment. Whenever you feel or want to make others happy, buy lab grown diamonds.

Show your love for others by gifting them the exquisite gemstone. Gift your wife a piece of fine diamond jewelry after she gives birth to your baby. Any moment can be precious to you. Make it memorable by getting the best quality diamond for yourself and your favorite person.

Diamond is all about celebrating happiness!

9. Complements Every Look

Lab grown diamonds are elegant and thus complements every look be it traditional or modern. You can wear them to parties or even offices. For instance, you can wear white diamond studs at a party at night and go for a jog wearing them the following day. A piece of diamond jewelry adds a spark to your formal attire!

So, when you wear lab-grown diamonds, you need to worry the least about what you are wearing as they go well with almost every outfit. Moreover, they stay for long, and you can clean them easily. Thus, you don’t need to buy diamond jewelry with every outfit.

10. Variety of Choices 

When buying lab grown diamonds, you get spoiled for choices because of their availability in different colors and sizes. Once you identify your needs and set a budget, you get a variety of options. 

If you do not like anything fully, you can mix and match to create what you want. Dealers provide sufficient information regarding lab-grown diamonds that always help make the right choice suited to the event theme or purpose.

The Bottom line

You do not celebrate special occasions every day. From hairstyle to clothing to shoes, you go for the best options to look stunning. Then why compromise on jewelry? Shouldn’t they be the best too?

Pick the finest diamond jewelry to enhance your overall appearance! You can also give them to someone on their precious days to make them feel special!

Now, you are aware of the reasons to buy lab-grown diamonds for meaningful events. Just go for them with no second thoughts to make a worthwhile investment for life. 

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