How to Buy Certified Lab diamonds: The Ultimate Guide

Lab Grown Diamonds

How to Buy Certified Lab diamonds: The Ultimate Guide

Are you doubtful about buying a lab diamond? Scared that you might get ripped off? After all, you had saved for months giving up your shopping list or skipping your weekend hangouts just because of that one piece of jewelry you wanted to make it yours.

Buying a certified lab diamond becomes confusing, given that there are numerous sellers and the market is filled with both genuine and fake ones.

According to Diamond Foundry, – one of the leading lab diamond manufacturers, people opting for lab diamonds have different doubts starting with the authenticity of the lab-grown diamonds.

If you have doubts about buying authentic lab-certified diamonds and getting the value for your money, then mere advice will not help you.

You need an ultimate guide.

This ultimate guide will provide you with the necessary information you need to know about certified lab-grown diamonds. You will learn how to choose the authentic product, where to buy and how to get the best one for yourself?

Let’s dive in.

#1. Do a Prior Research On Lab Diamonds

Before you go ahead and invest your money in something valuable, like diamonds, you must know if you will make the right choice. The prior product research will help you to make better choices while buying the product.

Why do you need prior research?

  • It will help you to avoid the fake diamond markets
  • It will give you a better idea of the lab diamonds
  • You might save some money by getting the best deals
  • The research will help you to probe and negotiate
  • It will give you the confidence to proceed

About the lab-grown diamond:

A lab-grown diamond is a  real diamond made in a lab using high-end technology that duplicates the natural conditions of the earth under which the diamonds are formed.

But Are the Lab-created diamonds as authentic as the mined diamonds?

To answer in short – YES, they are!

Do you think royals like the Duchess of Sussex or celebrities like Emma Watson will opt for lab diamonds if they were not considered natural diamonds?

Richard Garard, the Secretary-General of IGDA ( The International Grown Diamond Association ), says – “ Lab-grown diamonds are authentic diamonds. Period.”

Lab-grown diamonds and Mined diamonds have the following similarities:

  • Same physical properties
  • Same chemical properties
  • Same optical properties

Both the lab-created diamonds and the mined diamonds have such stunning similarities that even a professional gemologist will need specialized equipment to tell the difference.

Now that you have a better idea of the lab-grown diamond, the next step is to identify the authenticity of the lab diamonds. This brings us to the next step –

#2. Opt for the Authentic Lab Diamonds

Now that you have a better idea about the lab-grown diamonds, plus a desire to buy one, the second step is to choose the best ones –

How to choose the authentic lab-grown diamonds

Look for the certified ones. The certified lab-grown diamonds are the authentic ones. Certified lab-created diamonds mean they have met the requirements to qualify the crucial quality ( cut, clarity, color, carat ) of a real diamond, standards set by the highest diamond authority.

Certified lab-grown diamonds informs you:

  • Shape and dimensions of the diamond
  • Color and clarity grades
  • Carat weight
  • Standard of finish ( i.e., polish, symmetry, girdle width )

Now the next obvious question arises which is the best certification for lab-grown diamonds.

The World most reputed certification labs are:

  1. GIA ( Gemological Institute of America )
  2. IGI ( International Gemological Institute )
  3. AGS ( American Gemological Society )
  4. EGL ( European Gemological Laboratory )

Lab-grown diamonds certified by any of the above-reputed labs are considered authentic diamonds. However, GIA and IGI certified diamonds are the highest standards to qualify for the best lab-created diamonds.

Choosing the certified lab-created diamond ensures that you are spending your money on something valuable and getting its worth. After all, you don’t want to see your diamond’s sparkle fading away just after a month.

Now that you know better about the lab diamonds and have awareness on choosing the best lab-created diamonds, you might be excited to look for the best places to buy your jewelry; perhaps now you have even sorted out some designs.

The next step will show you where to look for the best buy.

#3. Check Out the Best Places to Buy Lab Diamonds

Here are the 3 best places to buy your lab diamond jewelry. Their competitive price, exclusive collections, GIA and IGI certification, best return policy, and best customer support make them the potential best place to buy lab-certified diamonds.

1. James Allen

James Allen is one of the reputed lab diamond manufacturers. Famous for making engagement rings, James Allen has Tiffany & Co under its belt as their clients.

James Allen’s prices are comparatively low compared to other websites as they do not house their diamonds. They save on overhead, as their business is completely internet-based. It makes them eligible to sell their products at lower prices. James Allen lab diamonds are GIA and IGI certified.

James Allen Offers:

  • Low prices compared to other websites
  • Collection of 30,000+ lab-created diamonds
  • All IGI certified lab-grown diamonds.
  • 30 – day money-back guarantee
  • Hassle-free returns

2. Blue Nile

Blue Nile is one of the best places to buy certified lab diamonds. Known for using high-quality images, you can now explore their collections up close. The prices are 20- 40 % cheaper compared to the price at the typical jewelry store.

Blue Nile has a vast collection of bracelets, pendants, rings, and earrings to choose from. All their products are GIA certified, and they have a proven track record of positive reviews from their customers.

Blue Nile Offers:

  • A vast collection of certified jewelry
  • Competitive price
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Free shipping

3. Clean Origin

Clean Origin, yet another best place to buy certified lab diamonds. The price range they offer is less compared to the James Allen and The Blue Nile.

They have a collection of over 12,000+ lab-created diamonds range in shape, size, and color. Their entire best lab diamond collection can be found under their loose diamond collection.

Clean Origin Offers:

  • 12,000+ lab diamond collection
  • GIA certified
  • Free shipping
  • Dedicated customer service
  • 100 days return policy

#4. Essential Tips for Buying Lab Created Diamonds

After sorting out the main above mentioned steps, here are some essential tips that you should follow when buying a lab diamond:

1. Deciding on your jewelry item

Once you have sorted out your budget, you can select what particular jewelry you want to opt for. It can be a ring, a pendant, or a set of earrings.

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2. Choose an eye-clean diamond.

According to the industry experts, your lab diamond should have a clarity grade of VS1 or VS2. This can be a little expensive as getting an eye-clean diamond is a higher clarity grade diamond.

3. Compare similar diamonds

Always compare your chosen jewelry with the other similar ones.  It often happens that even though the lab diamonds have the same clarity, they might differ in brilliance and sparkle. Look closely and select the best one.

4. Get a Second Opinion.

If you feel confused, always get a second opinion. Ask family or friends for better advice. Asking an expert also helps.

5. Clear your doubts

Before buying your diamond, always clear your doubts if you have any. Never hesitate to ask your diamond expert any last questions you might have.

6. Make a purchase

Once you are confident with your choice and settings, you can purchase your diamond from the vendors that offer hassle-free returns. Opting for such vendors will allow you to see your diamond in person, and that brings personal satisfaction. You can flaunt your diamond now!


Lab-created diamonds are real diamonds with similar chemical, physic, and optical properties as mined diamonds. Before making your purchase, you should be aware of certain things like the diamond certification, the best places, certified to sell lab diamonds, and the quality of the authentic lab diamond because you want a product worth your investment.

NOTE: The images here are used for reference purposes only.

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