What is Lab Grown Diamond?

What is Lab Grown Diamond?

There are many names for Lab Grown Diamonds like; Man-made diamonds, Lab-created diamonds, cultured diamonds & Synthetic diamonds.

They are basically grown replicating nature’s process of thousands of years in the highly controlled and technologically advanced laboratories in a couple of weeks. 

Lab-Grown Diamonds grow through the same natural crystallization process as mined diamonds, as well as share the same physical, chemical and optical properties.

They are Lab Grown Diamonds, mostly inside a reactor, treated to extreme heat, pressure and gases.

Chemical & Physical properties; Same as natural diamonds.

Price, 30-35% cheaper than mined diamonds.

Quality Flawless Diamonds can be made in large numbers under lab conditions & with fewer inclusions.

Lab-Grown Diamonds are conflict-free diamonds.

Less Environmentally polluting.

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